Phase 1 ~ Sacrifice

Phase 1 ~ Sacrifice

Phase 1 ~ SacrificeMission education -teaching overseas seems at first glance a job that many would love to do. After all, don’t we all want to travel and see the world. There is however costs and sacrifices that many probably don’t see.

We learned of Bethlehem Evangelical Academy back last summer, learned of their need for English teachers, and many other needs that we know we are equipped to help with. We interviewed with them and we agreed it seemed a perfect fit.

Then came the planning, the fund raising, the costs and sacrifices. Some of these things we anticipated, but many things continue to seem to be hurdles. A verse that has been huge in pushing us forward is Luke 14:26-33 that we heard an amazing message on back in February about giving up everything.

One hurdle (small as it may seem) I didn’t think I could follow through with, was finding our dogs new homes. We have had Toro for 8 1/2 years and he was our sons’ dog. Max was our niece’s dog and we wanted to keep him in the family. We can not bring them overseas with us as it will be too costly and not favorable for them.

I have been praying for peace and to be able to do this task. I think, I was projecting my empty nesting and missing my sons onto the doggies. Whatever the case, I had gotten so attached. I was fighting this decision.

God provided amazing ladies and their families who have taken our dogs into their homes. They have a non profit called Pugs N Roses. Their heart to help and care for our dogs has been beyond what I could have expected.

This is just one more step to our moving to Bethlehem. Our hearts are heavy, but at peace at the same time. It has taken a lot to even speak of this without crying. Seeing them thriving in their new homes is helping so much. Also, most importantly, knowing our sons are also thriving and have great support in their young adult lives gives me comfort.

Time is quickly approaching our halfway point and our need to apply for visas. Please click on our website to see how you can help us, help the children in Bethlehem especially during this time of giving.

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Joe & Mike with dogs
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