Joe and Dani Contreras

Joseph and Danielle Contreras -

From the Pacific to the People of Bethlehem, Holy Land

Joseph and Danielle Contreras have been serving in global outreach for over 20 years. 

  • They dedicated themselves to global outreach and community service around the world at an early age.
  • They lived and taught in Spain for 15 years, and were involved in outreaches through, English studies, sports, music, and camps. 
  • They served in Spanish-speaking communities in Florida, Texas, and California.
  • Danielle and Joseph are experienced in mission education.

Joseph and Danielle Contreras will now be serving in Bethlehem, Holy Land.

  •  There are unique opportunities to strengthen the communities through mission education.
  • In February 2020, the directors of Bethlehem Evangelical Academy (BEA), offered Joseph the position of Head of Bible Department, and Danielle, 5th-grade teacher and they accepted.
  • Joseph and Danielle pray to be effective influencers to the teachers, students, parents, and families, of the surrounding communities. 
  • Their focus is to teach English, and in so doing prepare the graduating students for taking the SAT exam. They will also ensure the students strengthen their Arabic language skills, along with developing a deeper appreciation for their Arabic customs and traditions.

Joseph and Danielle need your prayers and monthly financial support to volunteer among the people of Bethlehem

  • They will volunteer as English-speaking teachers and will be able to immerse the students in a superior English learning environment. As volunteer staff, they will work side by side with the local Arab teachers, providing a seamless bi-lingual experience.
  • Give through our sending agency:  Resourcing Christian Education (RCE). 
  • Connect us with any virtual meetings, Sunday Schools, small groups, fellowships, and other community organizations with whom we can share this work.  We would love to give a more personal and detailed presentation
  • Our goal is to be in Bethlehem by Spring 2021.

Joseph and Danielle have a supportive and growing family. They have three adult sons and one beautiful daughter-in-law who hope to follow in their own global service projects one day.

Isaiah and Sharayah Contreras
Mike (19) Danielle, Isaiah (21), Joseph, and Andrew (20)